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0845 numbers - free for you to use, local rates for your customers
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0870 numbers - helps you subsidise facilities and improve customer service
local area numbers - be somewhere else, be in many places but have just one office

Non-UK virtual numbers allow customers in overseas locations to call you in the UK without having to pay for an international call. They simply pay local call rates. The incoming calls cost you between 3p and 5p per minute (per second billing) for all incoming calls that divert to your UK 01/02 landline, that's daytime, evening and weekends, plus a monthly rental for the service. We will bill you on a pay-as-go basis charging direct to your credit card. We provide monthly, fully itemised bills and you have unlimited changes to the underlying destination number.

Range 1 - Value European range

Setup £11.95 + VAT - Monthly rental £4.95 + VAT
Calls 4p/min (inc. VAT) all day to a UK 01/02 number

Cites available 

Range 2 - Full Euro range

Setup £14.95 + VAT - Monthly rental £9.95 + VAT
Calls 3p/min (inc. VAT) all day to a UK 01/02 number

Cities available 

Range 3 - International cities

Setup £14.95 + VAT - Monthly rental £9.95 + VAT
Calls 3p/min (inc. VAT) all day to a UK 01/02 number

Route calls back to the UK from a wide range of major city telephone numbers in:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil,Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Turkey and United States

Please call to discuss the various options.

These services are a little more complex for us to set up so for now, you will need to call us to set the account up. Call the office of 0845 373 2720. You can send a specific email notifying your interest.