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0845 numbers - free for you to use, local rates for your customers
0800 numbers - improve enquiry levels with free customer calls
0870 numbers - helps you subsidise facilities and improve customer service
local area numbers - be somewhere else, be in many places but have just one office

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Local calls cost you 1p per minute for all incoming calls, that's daytime, evening and weekends. We will bill you monthly with fully itemised bills and per second billing. No rounding up expect on the finally, when we always round down to the nearest penny.
UK Local exchange numbers appear just the same as true local numbers and local customers dial them as as they any other local number. These numbers cost just 11.95 to buy and set-up and then 4.99 for us to run and support.

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London (020) numbers: London numbers are changing and shortly all newly allocated London numbers will begin 020 3 rather than 020 7 or 020 8. If you still need a 7 or 8 prefix, please call.

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