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0845 numbers - free for you to use, local rates for your customers
0800 numbers - improve enquiry levels with free customer calls
0870 numbers - helps you subsidise facilities and improve customer service
local area numbers - be somewhere else, be in many places but have just one office

Local areas With a Local area number you get to appear to be somewhere that you are not. Confused? No need, it's quite simple. Your office is in a small village but you would like to give the impression that you're in a major town or city. Buy a local exchange number for the larger location and all calls dialed to there are routed to existing line. You can also improve the reach of your business by having numbers in other parts of the country, giving you more points of presence. Local area numbers can work better than 084 or 087 where businesses benefit from having a more local feel.

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Non-UKTaking the local area theme a little wider, we can also offer local numbers in a number of European cities. If you are based in the UK but have customers in an a continental European, Scandanavian or Irish location they can call you at their local rates and the call is routed to your UK main number. Go global(ish) from less than 5 per month.

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