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0845 numbers - free for you to use, local rates for your customers
0800 numbers - improve enquiry levels with free customer calls
0870 numbers - helps you subsidise facilities and improve customer service
local area numbers - be somewhere else, be in many places but have just one office

0800 Research shows that customers are significantly more inclined to do business with a company offering an 0800 telephone number as their primary contact. Customers are more likely make an initial enquiry as the call is free to them and will be more content when follow up calls to you also cost nothing. To receive calls you simply pay 3.5p per minute all day plus a monthly service charge.

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0808 0808 are much the same as 0800 in how they work and what they will cost you to operate. Customers still call for free and you still pay just 3.5p per minute to receive. 0808 just lets you be that little bit different, if that's what you want. It also gives you to chance to have the numbers you want but someone else has them as an 0800 number.

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