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0845 numbers - free for you to use, local rates for your customers
0800 numbers - improve enquiry levels with free customer calls
0870 numbers - helps you subsidise facilities and improve customer service
local area numbers - be somewhere else, be in many places but have just one office
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Available on all 0800, 0808, 0845, 0844, 0870 & 0871 numbers. Not applicable for local area numbers

No call charges for you - low charges for customers
0845 numbers point to an existing number, so you keep the same number if you change provider or move to VoIP. Great for home workers as you receive calls on your home line without giving out the number. From just 9.95 - low annual fees - no call charges.
Freephone numbers - keeping customers happy
0800 numbers let customers call you for free, which can make a big difference when winning new business. Point the 0800 to any an existing landline and pay a small charge for incoming calls. Numbers from 9.95.
National rate numbers - put your number to work
With an 087 prefix, you earn money (up to 3.25p/min) every time a customer calls you. This can help to fund services like a support desk or call centre. 087 numbers are changing so be sure to make the right choice. Bronze range numbers are rent free.
Local area numbers - give your business a local presence
Based in the sticks but want customers to think you're in the big city? Actually here but want to be there? A local area number gives you a number from many UKexchange and routes the call to your existing number. Also for selected EU cities. From 11.95.
Why do you need a non-geographic number? Just a few reasons...
- Home workers can separate home and business numbers but have just 1 line
- Give a more 'national' feel to your business
- Keep the same number when you move office, change TelCo or move to VoIP
- Change the apparent location of your business
- Generate an income to help support services from your business
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